Get the Kit.

The Thoughtful Supply Kit is launching soon...



1: A bookmark to inspire learning

If something’s important enough for you to do something about it, then it’s a good idea to know what you’re doing. Reading lets you act from a place of understanding. You can use this bookmark to remind you to learn about the things you care about most, and about other things too (it will help keep you interesting and interested).

2: A greeting card to express your thoughts

We all have something to say, but we don’t always speak up. Putting things into words tests your ideas as well as your commitment to acting on them. Write down some thoughts in the greeting card - something that matters to you, something constructive. Put it out into the world, anonymously if you like, and get others thinking (maybe even doing things) differently.

3: Some stickers to get (and keep) you going

You’re ready to act. Great. Step one: start. Step two: keep at it. These stickers will encourage you to keep doing whatever it is you want to do. Learn a new skill, become more politically active, start a business? Do it. Do it now. Put them somewhere you’ll see them every day so they can keep nudging you forward.

4: A calling card to open up conversation

Long before people exchanged business cards at networking events they used calling cards to introduce themselves and leave behind after social visits. Use the calling card to start (or continue) a conversation on something you care about with someone you find interesting. Fill it in. Give it away. Get talking. Make things happen.

5: A sheet of paper to test out ideas

Paper has superpowers. And the sheet in this kit can do more than meets the eye. Printed on it are suggestions for how you can use it to make the world a little better. No doubt you’ll have your own ideas too. Get creative and see how powerful even the simplest of tools can be.

6: A postcard to spread the word

When was the last time you sent a postcard? On holiday years ago? Maybe you forgot to buy a stamp so it never went anywhere. Don't worry: this postcard comes pre-stamped. Send it to a friend, a relative, a celebrity, a politician… anyone. Share what you’ve been doing, and how they can help.