Everything you need to change the world, in one small envelope.


We all have something we talk about wanting to do, but struggle to act on. Whatever difference you hope to make, big or small, the Thoughtful Supply Kit will help turn your ideas into action...


It may look simple, but it works.

All the items in the envelope are inspired by Martin Luther King's 'Six Steps of Nonviolent Social Change'. Use them to kickstart whatever change you want to see in the world.

A bookmark •  A calling card • A postcard • A greeting card• 2 stickers • a MULTITALENTED SHEET OF PAPER


One envelope. Six simple tools to change the world. (Really.)

Do you want to change the your world? You can. You just have to stop talking about it and do something.

The Thoughtful Supply Kit is an envelope filled with six paper tools that make it easy for anyone to take the kind of action that makes a difference. Starting a creative project, launching a business, fixing a relationship, improving your community… it’s up to you.

We want to put one million Thoughtful Supply Kits in the hands of people around the world. Because if enough of us can start creating change with a simple piece of paper, imagine what we can achieve with all the other tools at our disposal.

Find out more about the items in the envelope (and how you can make use of them).